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"Do what they wont do today so you can do what they can't tomorrow"

"Pain is a Side Effect of SUCCESS"

                                                                                              - JBO

Originating from Lil Haiti, Florida, JBO is a musical & lyrical genius. At a young age, JBO's father showed him the ways of the hustle. After working an under the table job in high school, JBO made up his mind to create his own opportunities. He is  co-partner of Slingshot Rentals of South Beach and The Lucrative Youth Studios located in  North Miami Beach, Fl. He also has his hands in real estate  partnering with local real estate mogul Paul Carre.




An interest in music was sparked as JBO grew up watching his older brother John, also known as Lil Haiti Jit, freestyle all the time. His word play  inspired JBO to be more like him. After the passing of his cousin, Kerry "Kizzle" Alfred" JBO took rapping more seriously. Being incarcerated on Gun and Robbery charges made it no better with him fighting for his life to beat a 30 year sentence stemming from the accident where his cousin passed from. From free-styling to fulltime rapper, JBO preserves the memory of his cousin through his music and the Record Label QMG/ Epc Live Ent. Back in 2015 JBO dealt with major labels like Slip N Slide Records, We Good Ent, LHO, Poe Boy, Strong ARM music and many more.  Since 2018, he has signed to one of the hottest artist in Miami, Jimmy Dade and Dreadwood Music. Today he still has affiliations with Dreadwood Music as he continues to venture the Miami rap industry as he creates a New outlet for other upcoming artists with The Lucrative Youth and video production by one of the local city greats Fordo Films.



"I started making music to heal my pain, then I started to see how other people reacted to it and I notice that they had to be going to through the same sxxt i was going through.....So I figured through my music I can give hope to the hopeless"!!!!!!

                                                                  - JBO


JBO's music is different from everyone else's because he writes out of his pain. No one can imitate what he has been through and his lyrics come from his heart. Everything about his music is derived from his soul and life experiences. "I write music from a place where I have been and I never want to be. I believe pain makes us all relatives. My music is my compass, and it shows that Pain is just a Side Effect of Success" 




Some of the artists that inspire JBO are Jay Z, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Tupac, Future, and Lil Wayne. In Miami, some of the local artists that he is motivated by include Jimmy Dade, Billy Blue, and Brisco, Mike Smiff, Frank Kastle, and closest friend Ron G.

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